Mobile Application Development MeeGos Developmental Phase

Mobile Application Development  MeeGos Developmental Phase
MeeGo is an open source working system developed by Nokia developers to prevent constant decline in Nokias mobile market share. However, MeeGo may be life-saving and whereas may be a breakthrough for Nokia, likewise, Apple had in the past with the release of contact friendly iOS.

MeeGo integrates Intels Moblin built in Linux, and Maemo by Nokia to supply best of both mobile application development structures which have essentially comprehensive computing and communication technologies. MeeGo development ecosystem will offer developers comfort and feasibility to create wide variety of interactive mobile applications for devices like smartphones, tablets, TV and netbooks. MeeGos effortless connectivity feature, range of device platform support and intelligent use of cloud technology, takes it to next generation of mobile technology that may take it further to issue its contemporaries. But generalization of MeeGo as successful upcoming OS would be highly exaggeration because it is yet to be launched, though in development phase it has proven its worth but still market dynamics will justify its worthiness and acceptability.

MeeGo 1.2 core OS

Recently, MeeGo 1.2 core OS has been launched that provide compatibility across Intel Atom and ARMv7 structures for one or more devices. Tablets, smartphones and notebooks will provide key market to MeeGo 1.2 core OS. MeeGo 1.2 core OS is engineered to include beautify multimedia support, advance connectivity support, refined mobile hotspot tethering capability, and extended support to Qt mobile application development APIs. On MeeGo 1.2 core, it is effortless to develop highly wealthy and advance mobile applications quite speedily.

MeeGo Powered N9

More recently, Nokia re-launched N9 powered by MeeGo working system. N9 is being labelled by critics as niche product that may find little space for itself. Nokias reiteration of keeping Windows Mobile OS as primary platform has further supplied relevance to N9s label. Nevertheless, market dynamics don't seem to be controlled by critics statements though it may impact to some certain extent but such an outright statement before release could send poor vibes to market. Moreover, Nokias clear gesture in opposition t focusing on Windows Mobile OS 7 that is expected to release sometime later in 2011, could divert attention of Nokias aficionados from MeeGo.

Well, coming over again to N9, it is immensely advance, trendy, cool and one level above all its contemporaries. MeeGo empowers N9 to switch through mobile applications and multitask at the swipe of a finger. MeeGo OS intuitive technology simplifies N9s usability and make it a amusing to apply and intelligent to paintings on. N9s three.9 inches AMOLED monitor gives it a trendy appearance and unmatched screen view, in addition to this MeeGo OS enhances its utility and looks fourfold with innovative user interface integrated with intelligent design.

The most distinct feature on MeeGo powered N9 is three home views. First home view offer organization of mobile applications and instant entry, second home view provide uninterrupted connectivity of online social networking feeds and updates, and the last one incorporates decisions to switch over from one app to another app.

Lastly, 8Mega Pixel camera, and fast web browser makes the MeeGo powered N9 experience absolutely out of the world.

However, there are cons as well beside all these pros in MeeGo powered N9. Firstly, MeeGo is untested working system which is yet to take delivery of its market verdict. Secondly, MeeGo remains no longer included into Nokias core structures like Symbian and Windows Mobile OS. Lastly, unlike in demand mobile OS like iOS, Palm OS, Symbian OS, Windows Mobile OS etc. MeeGo does no longer enjoy large-sized communities and large mobile app library and marketplace.

In the nutshell, MeeGo will should prove its worth, and found efforts by Nokia and developers will only take it long way, eventually leading to prove its mettle amongst mobile application development OS leaders.

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