Your Next Smartphone Is Already Here

Your Next Smartphone Is Already Here
On April 29th 2011, the Samsung Galaxy S II (also known as the Samsung Galaxy S 2 or Samsung i9100) smartphone was released to the public in South Korea. Within 30 minutes, about 30,000 phones were sold. That's 1,000 phones per minute, and only in South Korea. So what makes this phone so hot that people buy it like crazy?

Smartphones are just everywhere these days. The precise buzz started with, of course, the iPhone. Apple seems to have a method of making everything look "in reality cool", and so millions of people just charge to buy their products upon first public release. It's not always the case that Apple's products are indeed the ultimate in the market, or the optimal innovative, but it doesn't seem to bother the Apple fanatics.

One important factor people buy a smartphone for is to earn bragging rights. In that sense, not only does the Samsung Galaxy S II give you the suitable to brag, its trendy and elegant design, ultra-slim figure, and impossibly mild weight would make every iPhone owner start mumbling. These features don't come at the expense of the screen – the 4.3" Super AMOLED Plus display is the widest in the market, and the vibrant colours are simply shocking.

At this element you may say that each year several new smartphones reach the market, and your ability to flash your phone and feel you're on the height of the world is not going to last very long. In general, you'll be suitable. However, the Galaxy S II is future-ready: its incredibly speedy dual-core processor, the large, expandable internal memory, the full HD 1080p recording and playback capability, and the support for the newest communication standards available make sure that the Galaxy S II is still going to be one of the ultimate smartphones out there even in a host of years.

It is going without saying that whatever current smartphones do, the Samsung Galaxy S II can probably do better. The browsing experience is so entertaining, you would not even feel as if you're surfing the net via a smartphone. And if it's cool games or hot music you're interested in – you were given it. The world of rich media and entertainment is at your disposal, and you would enjoy it anytime, anywhere. If you feel like just laying back and reading a good book or a magazine, you'll locate that this feature is already included in the phone.

So why beat across the bush and not only tell you what every Samsung Galaxy S II review will tell you anyway? You should in reality do yourself a favor and get the Galaxy S II. You'll thank yourself straight away.

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