Mobile App Development Everything You Need to Know

Mobile App Development Everything You Need to Know
Every day a lot of mobile apps makes their entry to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Where some of the mobile apps are social marketing apps, others are games, e-commerce or music apps. A professionally built app follows knowledgeable mobile app enchancment process and at Silex Softwares, we develop apps with following such a process. Read on to know how we develop mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows operating structures.

Any app enchancment follows a generally used process that entails a concept, a positive strategy, eye-catching design, perfect-in-class enchancment and deployment, and then submit-release phases. Lets delve in and check how the process works.


There should always be an amazing idea to start an app. We work with our buyers day in and day out to be mindful their idea and objectives and then we refine their idea to give it a perfect shape by preparing an in depth specification document.


Next, we start creating screens of the app by assigning data and functions. We do this for each display screen and then outline the user interaction and flow with the creation of wireframes.


Once done with creating wireframes, we make your app look pretty by designing the concept, icons, graphics and the whole lot in amongst. Under this process of mobile app enchancment, design and identity assets are defined by our team of skilled app designers.


Now the actual enchancment of an app starts. We now by coding the app and its related server-side ingredients start making an Android or iOS app functional.


Next process in the mobile app enchancment process is testing. An app has to clear many testing phases to move in opposition to the following step. The testing process may include, Usability testing, Functional testing, Performance testing, Finishing Testing, Device-one of a kind testing, Regression Testing and most importantly user acceptance testing. While testing an app our QA team safely scrutinizes your app from display screen to display screen and ensures your app works perfectly.
As issues are spotted in this phase of the mobile app enchancment, the testing team reassign the non-performing issues to the developers so that the issues can be fixed.

Debug and Revision

After testing team ends up with finding and reporting the issues, our developers fix all the issues and give the app a final touch by making it free of bugs.

Extended Review

At this point of the app enchancment, an app is totally tested again. Before our buyers spend a sizable amount of money and time on marketing their app, we test the app with a bunch of potential users. After this extended review, we permit the app for deployment.


After successful enchancment of an app, we submit your app to the relative app shop to show you how to start making ROI.
In a Nutshell

The mobile app enchancment process could seem troublesome to a few, but all the steps are particularly rewarding to make an app a super success. Happy mobile app enchancment!

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