How to Use Custom Mobile App Development to Boost Field Service Productivity

How to Use Custom Mobile App Development to Boost Field Service Productivity
Field service officers are the un-legitimate flag-bearers of the organization. For a lot customers, these technicians are the only real contact they could have with the firm. However, in order to measure and elevate their productivity in the field, they must be equipped with the right gear. A custom mobile app development firm can give these gear.

Mobile apps can allow field service agents in performing field operations seamlessly thereby increasing productivity, after sales service quality and prompt delivery. All these parameters add up to a stronger consumer pride score.

Heres how field service agents can benefit from mobile apps:

Creating Work Orders Based on Real-Time Customer Needs

Using mobile enterprise apps, managers can create work orders depending on pre-emptive documents from the service model, although ensuring adaptability based on priority. Real-time documents creates room for better, more informed decision-making based on the inputs collected by the field agents. These inputs can incite an immediate response from the back office management and ensure more transparency and ownership of outcomes from the whole team in the process.

Scheduling the Workforce

One of the a lot critical managerial functions is dispatching a number of field jobs among the workforce in the a lot effective way possible. A custom mobile software development firm can build techniques that assign the right resource for the right job based on details such as skill, location, availability, et cetera. This contains minimizing the distance traveled by them. Mobile apps utilize geolocation to schedule assets and allocate them in accordance to favorable routes although accounting for traffic delays, break-time, proximity and schedule.

Central Pooling of Related Information

Mobile apps have certain gear that give field officers access to the same centralized pool of documents including consumer service history, the time lapse between related tasks and any service notes explaining case history. To a large degree, this reduces human error and ensures that service will be standardized and delivered at a certain degree of precision, at all times.

HokuApps is one such custom mobile app development firm that has a wide repository of pre-built technology components that go into building apps and workflows, like GPS tracking, maps, payments, QR Code scanning. These components will be beneficial in recuperating field service productivity as well as cost-effectiveness in the general development process.

Maintaining Proof of Work

Field service accountability has traditionally been puzzling to measure and verify. Mobile apps can fill imperative gaps in centralized inspections and resource tracking. Proof of work may also be obtained from field technicians in the form of on-site pix, recorded audio clips of consumer feedback, tagged geo-locations and digital signatures for deliveries. Over time, this improves the ROI of the field operations.

Formulating a Feedback loop with Customers

Mobile forms assist in capturing a consumer review process that managers can use to monitor the genuine-time communication with field agents and measure the impact on troubleshooting. Mobile apps can give field officers with access to past records of service history, product breakdown repair and upkeep details. This knowledge can help fields officers better service the clients more accurately.

Since mobile apps have visibility of state-of-the-art real-time documents, they can identify any patterns bobbing up in service breakdowns and solve worries faster. A custom mobile app development firm can build a robust feedback loop which can channel consumer feedback and even incentivize this practice.


The field officer is at the heart of the consumer knowledge, very usally bringing a human element to an otherwise economic transaction. Then, every interaction with the consumer must be captured and turned into actionable outcomes. A custom mobile app development firm can build techniques to bridge any performance gaps and measure incremental changes in consumer knowledge.

Mobile Apps dedicated to field service are the need of the hour for any enterprise looking to leverage exemplary service for building brand loyalty. This is essential for achieving an edge over peers thereby increasing recall and revenue.

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