Guide to Replacing a Mobile Home Ceiling

Guide to Replacing a Mobile Home Ceiling
Have you came upon an ugly stain or hole as a outcomes of the from water harm to your cellular residence ceiling? You have probably referred to as around solely to be told that the particular surfing ceiling tiles aren't any longer available. The tiles that you most probably have are of about half" in thickness made of pressed fiber-board. It has a white internal surface with an embossed texture and plastic strips that run the width of your residence. Replacing these ceiling tiles with something actual can be virtually unimaginable on account that they aren't any longer made. The solely technique to replace the area is to replace the ceiling in the entire room with something of similar look and take into consideration. I am going to give you a few ideas on how to repair your ceiling.

One element to remember the fact that you might now not have thought of is what kind of fabric you plan on using. If you're an experienced remodeler, you might instinctively reach for the 5/8" drywall and go to town. The one material that you do now not wish to use is drywall. On an older residence, maintenance must be done to the roof and drywall will most exceptionally crack when walked on. There is a reason why the residence manufacturers used a pressed fiber-board material. This material will grasp up very well with downward pressures. It will now not crack. If you have a newer residence with a texture that was once sprayed on, you still do now not wish to use drywall. The seasons converting causes movement of the residence due to frost heaving. Any rigid material will crack under these pressures.

One accepted vary are tongue and groove acoustical ceiling tiles. These tiles are made of the same material as their predecessor and have an actual internal discontinue. They come pre-primed and are able to paint. They install with an adhesive and kind of fastener on the tongue. You must make assured that the ceiling surface has a smooth backer that the tiles could be connected to. Follow the manufacturer commands when installing this product. You can resolve straight to paint this product if you need having said that you do now not ought to.

Another option that doesn't require painting and will remain bendy is a drop ceiling. Drop ceilings have come a long technique on account that tuition rooms and place of work complexes. Companies have designed their drop ceilings to be installed in the residence, offering classy styles and texture profiles. The solely obstacle to this gadget is it takes up a little head room. You will ought to install this gadget as close to the normal ceiling surface as viable.

Whatever material you resolve on, make assured that it could possibly prove to be bendy when the seasons big difference. A product it really is quite maintenance-free will also be a wise vary.

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