Mobile Apps Development Trends and the Demand of Mobile Applications

Mobile Apps Development Trends and the Demand of Mobile Applications
Mobile Apps development implies the development of apps which work as additional features in a mobile handheld system. These apps can be downloaded by the end user and can be used in the various mobile platforms which are available in the industry. These applications could also be found pre-installed in the various gadgets too.

The demand for increasingly applications is on the increase as there are many smartphones which are available in the mid-priced phase in the industry. Demand is in for all types of mobile apps, whether simple or complicated and includes games, business apps, and the various utilities. Mobile software development has also supplied the various sorts of users with more than a few benefits like regular access to his mails, chat options with friends online, social networking including Twitter, Facebook, Orkut and others, and Internet access to appear online. There is no limit to what is possible with the high-end mobiles as they have integrated large tools and applications to track calls, edit pictures and videos, and also track down their own location through the GPS (Geographical Positioning System).

Some of the best known mobile app development platforms in vogue are iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile with the latest addition being the iPad platform introduced by Apple. There are no restrictions in the case of trends in the way apps are being launched today as there is immense demand of all types of mobile apps. Most of the apps center across business, games, news, Weather information, and financial investments. There are many the various categories the various than this in niche areas which include reside game scores, climate variations and the like.

There are more than a few offshore development corporations who are engaged in offering these application development products and services and it includes planning, development and enablement products and services, SMS Push Pull up applications (mobile messaging), and the various miscellaneous programming products and services which are based on mobile pocket PC.

Developing a mobile application is absolutely a cumbersome task and requires large skill and innovative capabilities. Mobile application developers must be highly knowledgeable of the more than a few platforms and create multi-platform applications which can be played as well in the Symbian as in the Android platform. There is high competition in the mobile application development field as more offshore corporations are offering comprehensive end-to-end solutions.

With the coming days and the decreasing cost of smartphones worldwide, the scope of mobile application development is smoothly increasing. The main subject for corporations is to retain and hire dedicated mobile app developers who are adept in creating applications in more than one platform.

At present, there are roughly the same form of mobile phones in use in the world as there are people. That number is expected to grow a additional 40% in a higher five years. Are you capitalizing on this humongous industry? We provide you the much special and fascinating experience in Mobile Application Development. Mobile Development especially for Windows 7, Adobe AIR and Symbian is done by our really expert Mobile Developers team.

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Mobile Apps Development – Its no longer a Seek but its a choose

Mobile Apps Development - Its no longer a Seek but its a choose
Are you scared of losing your customers? Are you still following those common approaches to keep a track on your business? Time to change the strategy! The world is going mobile; with the launch of sort of loads of smartphones most expertise, fields, and professionals decide to use them.

If talking about just a few facts. Today there are 5.9 million mobile subscribers that are 87% of the whole population. The sales growth changed into tremendous in 2011 with showing the smartphones with the strongest growth. There are now 1.2 billion mobile cyber web users worldwide, in line with the latest stats for active mobile-broadband subscriptions worldwide; Asia is the top region. Consumers are presently focusing on more advanced purposes on phone starting from cyber web surfing, online ad or mobile TV, they are searching for all no doubt features which can make life effortless. A new survey of 2,173 builders that use the Titanium development environment from Appcelerator for creating mobile purposes finds that the vast majority of mobile application builders are committed to both native environments and HTML5.

HTML5 will be the preferred selection for undertaking cyber web apps and this might well be actual. Many undertaking cyber web purposes are just a view of stories on a server and there is hardly ever any need for deep interplay with the phone features. 

Mobile app development is not just a development process yet its like a catalyst that acts to increase the productivity of your mobile machine. When you develop an application it helps you to achieve certain functions which are imperative to your business performance and assist you to get related with your customers and customers. Not only this it has additionally helped loads of expertise to grow tremendously available in the market as now one might be in touch with their customers and customers each of the time through their mobile devices. Mobile app development and with the latest innovations of iPhone four and Windows Phone 7 things are looking even brighter than before. Now the capabilities of these smartphones had been taken to a larger level and thus the users can expect better and more robust mobile app developments and get purposes to achieve in more complex functions in even better ways.

The craze of the mobile application continues with several organizations. It just not provide you an application which might be used in a business yet in a gradual moments, it is going to provide you with some super cool games and apps which might be used to refresh your mood. Today mobile is in everyones hand then why not to bring the world at one situation where you cant just work yet can have few lights happy moments with that small little thing in your hand called smartphone.

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I am an Entrepreneur, marketer, and author. I would like to write in-depth guides and case studies that teach users to guide mobile application development to grow and scale there business.

Mobile Application Development- Taking Businesses Ahead

Mobile Application Development- Taking Businesses Ahead
In an age where technology (smartphones in particular) has overpowered the choices of community, saying No to mobile apps isnt an option for firms. Really did you ever consider that mobile application advancement services is solely a pick of those million dollar firms? Certainly now not!
We have been residence in an area that has transformed into a all over the world of web and gadgets when you consider that just about a decade. Smartphones have become un-ignorable and so does the mobile apps. With a maximum of a businesss target viewers being exposed to cyber web, it takes place to be a profitable idea to reach them through ones own mobile app.
Listed under are some key value qualities of Mobile application advancement that aids in taking firms forward-
Smarter, Better and Transparent Tool for Lead Generation
Today, prospects have turned extra rational and are hugely concerned prior than making a acquire decision. The reason is, they are open to all substances and facts of the product (or service) through several mediums on the cyber web. Mobile apps are smart gear that can be downloaded just about instantly and connects with prospects round-the-clock to offer them a all over the world full of needful facts. Existing firms use mobile apps to complement their purchaser base and reach areas where they havent been serving much. On the other hand beginning-ups can use mobile apps as a device for marketing their product/service from the scratch.
Convenience and Time-saving approaches
Mobile apps have made the obtaining and selling processes hassle-free and convenient with no further efforts involved, even minimizing the physical presence. Not solely does it offer convenience to the prospects, it also does supply a competent and secure process for partaking in the entire transactions. Businesses that are already elegant can utilize the time and strength saved on some other operations like infrastructure, employee satisfaction etc.
Secured Payments Gateways
With a sort of platforms and framework readily to be had for the advancement of mobile apps, firms can offer their clients utmost security through the most trusted payment gateways. This has invariably contributed in the enterprise advance and has helped being identified as a to blame title. Such components have made mobile apps for firms way extra trendy and adaptable.
More and even extra benefits
Mobile apps offer opportunities to avail coupons and promotional codes that forever drive large viewers to seek enterprise offerings. It facilitates sending push notifications about any new (or existing) feature of the app to those who are already using it. It guarantees extra than ninety% probability of being opened by the user. Features like podcasts and GPS etc. prove to be a plus for firms.
There is a labyrinth of qualities readily to be had in the mobile application arena to get to the bottom of from. But, now not all are to be mandatorily crammed into your individual app. All enterprise need to organize a blueprint of what benefits do they really expect from their mobile app and then opt for the feature accordingly. A wisely mobile application advancement will sure make a enterprise prosper in leaps and bound.

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Hi, I am Karl working as a Mobile app developer. I love the Mobile application advancement platform where I am capable of build the mobile apps even faster rate than customary. I consider the hokuapps is the ideally suited platform to build using MADP tech.

Mobile Application Development MeeGos Developmental Phase

Mobile Application Development  MeeGos Developmental Phase
MeeGo is an open source working system developed by Nokia developers to prevent constant decline in Nokias mobile market share. However, MeeGo may be life-saving and whereas may be a breakthrough for Nokia, likewise, Apple had in the past with the release of contact friendly iOS.

MeeGo integrates Intels Moblin built in Linux, and Maemo by Nokia to supply best of both mobile application development structures which have essentially comprehensive computing and communication technologies. MeeGo development ecosystem will offer developers comfort and feasibility to create wide variety of interactive mobile applications for devices like smartphones, tablets, TV and netbooks. MeeGos effortless connectivity feature, range of device platform support and intelligent use of cloud technology, takes it to next generation of mobile technology that may take it further to issue its contemporaries. But generalization of MeeGo as successful upcoming OS would be highly exaggeration because it is yet to be launched, though in development phase it has proven its worth but still market dynamics will justify its worthiness and acceptability.

MeeGo 1.2 core OS

Recently, MeeGo 1.2 core OS has been launched that provide compatibility across Intel Atom and ARMv7 structures for one or more devices. Tablets, smartphones and notebooks will provide key market to MeeGo 1.2 core OS. MeeGo 1.2 core OS is engineered to include beautify multimedia support, advance connectivity support, refined mobile hotspot tethering capability, and extended support to Qt mobile application development APIs. On MeeGo 1.2 core, it is effortless to develop highly wealthy and advance mobile applications quite speedily.

MeeGo Powered N9

More recently, Nokia re-launched N9 powered by MeeGo working system. N9 is being labelled by critics as niche product that may find little space for itself. Nokias reiteration of keeping Windows Mobile OS as primary platform has further supplied relevance to N9s label. Nevertheless, market dynamics don't seem to be controlled by critics statements though it may impact to some certain extent but such an outright statement before release could send poor vibes to market. Moreover, Nokias clear gesture in opposition t focusing on Windows Mobile OS 7 that is expected to release sometime later in 2011, could divert attention of Nokias aficionados from MeeGo.

Well, coming over again to N9, it is immensely advance, trendy, cool and one level above all its contemporaries. MeeGo empowers N9 to switch through mobile applications and multitask at the swipe of a finger. MeeGo OS intuitive technology simplifies N9s usability and make it a amusing to apply and intelligent to paintings on. N9s three.9 inches AMOLED monitor gives it a trendy appearance and unmatched screen view, in addition to this MeeGo OS enhances its utility and looks fourfold with innovative user interface integrated with intelligent design.

The most distinct feature on MeeGo powered N9 is three home views. First home view offer organization of mobile applications and instant entry, second home view provide uninterrupted connectivity of online social networking feeds and updates, and the last one incorporates decisions to switch over from one app to another app.

Lastly, 8Mega Pixel camera, and fast web browser makes the MeeGo powered N9 experience absolutely out of the world.

However, there are cons as well beside all these pros in MeeGo powered N9. Firstly, MeeGo is untested working system which is yet to take delivery of its market verdict. Secondly, MeeGo remains no longer included into Nokias core structures like Symbian and Windows Mobile OS. Lastly, unlike in demand mobile OS like iOS, Palm OS, Symbian OS, Windows Mobile OS etc. MeeGo does no longer enjoy large-sized communities and large mobile app library and marketplace.

In the nutshell, MeeGo will should prove its worth, and found efforts by Nokia and developers will only take it long way, eventually leading to prove its mettle amongst mobile application development OS leaders.

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Shriv ComMedia Solutions is a leading professional software development enterprise that holds experience in Ecommerce development enterprise, web solutions, testing solutions, embedded solutions and multimedia animation. Our experienced developers are prepared with present technology and information of present development structures and architectures to develop advance mobile applications.


SEO is the most taken care of term in the IT enterprise. In simple words, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the method of improving the performance and ranking of a web online page. SEO is a wholly common and popular phrase in the dictionary of website development. As the world is being presented by the newest technology trend of Mobile Application development; SEO is also making an essential space in this field too. 

As the world is being flooded with hundreds of thousands of mobile functions every day; it certainly turns out to be a tough-hitting process to get impressive visibility in this neck to neck competitive market. And here comes the role of SEO strategies; effective search engine optimization can beef up the traffic on your mobile application with a HUGE margin. Below are a couple of of the most essential tips by the lend a hand of which, you might without difficulty make your mobile application a smash hit.

The first step in an effective tradition mobile application development is to find out the keywords that are most typically tapped by the users to get into the genre of your application. Make a note of all those keywords and try to exploit them in your application.

DO NOT COPY! Most of the application developers try to copy the popular names and functions to without difficulty enter into the application development market. This can certainly dump the fate scope of your application and might mark a nasty tag on your enterprise standing.

Always keep in intellect the limitations of the mobile device; in case you are integrating a feature in your application that's not supported by the mobile device than the user will merely UNINSTALL your application.

Besides a useful working and an interactive user interface; your application demands an effective marketing to be successful between the users. Always remember to plan the marketing strategies back from the primary step.

If your application involves the role of sound than guarantee that its is suitable and completely suits the genre of your application. Sound gives existence to your application but inappropriate use of sound can turn that into the NOISE.

So continuously keep in intellect these above-stated methods to make a be the crowned king in the mobile application development.

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I am an Entrepreneur, marketer, and author. I want to write in-depth guides and case studies that teach users to guide mobile application development to grow and scale there enterprise.

Mobile App Trends Which Will Dominate 2018

Mobile App Trends Which Will Dominate 2018
We are about to step into 2018, carrying extraordinary technology expertise of 2017, hugely contributed by Mobile App Development with some a hit and prosperous Mobile apps. Especially iPhone App Development is mentionable, which has gained extreme demand due to the wide usage of iPhones. In each coming 12 months, iTunes and Google Play Store are experiencing huge growth in the volume of mobile app downloads.

Mobile apps have the coolest track of records in the success of choice businesses, since major businesses across the world prefer mobile applications to gear up their growth, supplemented by improved gross sales and satisfied customer demands. The current market and technology trends have a big role in this whole scenario.

The app built desirous about latest trends has more chances to remain longer in the market, rather than ordinary effectively-doing applications. A spectacular mobile app formulated with best trends is succesful to meet customer needs and hence get high appreciation and popularity among the Smartphone audience.

2018 show up to be not left behind in mobile app development, as it can be bringing some illustrious trends along it. Here, we are listing few prominent and emerging Mobile App Development trends that one should look before constructing a new application.

    Augmented Reality (AR)

AR is a most blooming trend in technology, having extraordinary abilities to engage and attract a sizable audience with its powerful applications. The gaming market has got a definite face of success through the exceptional AR game applications. The giant AR game apps like iOnRoad, Pokemon Go, and Sky Siege have got immense popularity by the users.

Though the utility apps having their possess prime role, the smart apps integrated with AR have a bright and rising future.  AR superimposes the user's reality with pc-generated virtual images which bring high expertise to the users. Apart from gaming, AR apps are also applicable in neighborhood hunting, education, instant messaging and internet on-line affiliate marketing.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is one of the most applicable trends in mobile app development contributing with its cognitive interfaces, state-of-the-work analytics, and machine learning techniques. Several Android App Development Companies are availing the AI technology for creating market and technology compatible mobile apps.

Starbucks is the coolest example of AI integration in mobile apps. Replika, Cortana, and Hound are some notable AI applications sustaining the iPhone App Development . Upcoming 12 months suppose to bring more AI experiments implemented with mobile apps.

   Virtual Reality (VR)

VR technologies have extreme abilities to form an physical-life situation for the users. Samsung Gear, Google Cardboard, and Oculus Rift are powerful VR apps and units introduced to the world and are effectively acclaimed. The Orbulus app built for both Android and iOS gives us a new perspective on precise-world places where we cant visit in grownup; this is one of the coolest evidence of VR application.

Google Translate is another best example of an AI app offering easy translations through machine learning and a user-friendly approach. It is predicted that VR will have a $30 billion market by 2020.

Internet of things (IoT)

Since every IOT solution needs a powerful mobile application, enabling users to deal with the smart units, it is the most thriving trend in mobile app development. Among its noteworthy applications like Smart residence, wearables, smart metropolis, hooked up car and hooked up entire healthiness, the Smart Home often stands out by score at highest on the Internet of Things application list. In 2018 the smart homes show up to be more interactive with powerful mobile apps.  

IoT market is rendering high profits and revenues to the firms; hence developers have a extraordinary responsibility to build IoT enabled mobile applications. The IoT has the intense capability to increase the energy of smart device sensors to securely exchange private recommendation over Wi-Fi networks.

Mobile App Development Trends That’ll Continue to Rule in 2017

Mobile App Development Trends That'll Continue to Rule in 2017
The super building up of smart phone usage over the years has left everyone amazed. If you are a electronic marketer or a mobile app development visitors you understand the approach in which fast this field changes and evolves.

Mobile applications expanded to different platforms and different industries and categories over time. Rapid replace and advancement in technology, results in replace of development methodologies, which made development companies to adjust accordingly.

After our research here is the list of few trends that are possible to rule the era of mobile application development in 2017.

1. UX will gain more attention

UX has been a massive aspect of apps since the beginning. With the advancement of technology and the hot tools available in studios UX will be taken to an elevated notch this year. Designers spend sleepless nights to think about the user event that users find attractive and creative. New avenues will be created this year with under no circumstances seen before UX practices coming to mainstream.

2. Application Security

With the focus on mobile apps, hackers will switch to mobility. Hackers already disrupted the eco-system of web application by their unethical activities adding data breaching and monetary theft. In coming years developers will have to take precautionary measures to save your mobile app from being focused by hackers.

In the coming year, business of mobile application security is going to expand at its most.

three. Augmented and Virtual Reality

2016 has been very notable as far as AR and VR technologies are concerned. App development companies have started exploited AR aggressively. One of such example has given birth to a recreation which was hugely popular – Pokemon Go. Google's VR came into light this year and since this is in spotlight now, in coming year it will be enhanced more.

However, this isn't fantastically only limited to gaming market but also has potential to penetrate in various other sectors adding retail shopping, restaurant businesses, travel and automobile market etc.

4. Hands free devices and wearable's will rise

Till now there was considerable growth in connected and hands free devices' which are connected to mobile application. Such devices range from wearable electronic watches, health monitor devices and fitness bands etc. All these devices are connected to mobile apps which provide various metrics to users.

In coming year, this pattern is going to expand and various companies will try developing new type of wearables. So, 2017 is going to bring amazing gadgets that may surely leave individuals in awe.

Big leaders such as Apple, Google are attempting to attain a benchmark in wearable technology.

5. Rise of Enterprise Mobile Apps

This year, companies have shown interest in adapting to enterprise mobility answers wherein they move to mobile application for better employee engagement and workplace optimization.

Enterprise mobile apps have proven to be a boon in the company environment which helps employee to work from remote location. Companies by means of enterprise mobile apps have registered a rise in productivity.

Enterprise apps lead to more employee satisfaction and streamlines work operations.

Since a substantial rise has been noted ago so coming years more companies will move towards enterprise mobile apps.

6. Messaging Apps will climb up

We have seen a substantial rise in the messaging apps such as Viber, Facebook, Whatsapp etc. Such mobile applications have picked up immensely in terms of getting user attention in 2016. Start ups and entrepreneurs will try their luck in messaging domain, as they will try to bring something new for users.

7. Era of Mobile Payments

Mobile payments have been sizzling since a couple of years now. They are slowing ingesting out conventional methods of charge. In 2017 they are expected to grow at a quicker rate than before. With greater use of apps this not only brings convenience however to take into accounta good deal of transparency and accountability.

Apart from the above domains talked about above, there are ample number of ideas and categories in which entrepreneurs will try their luck to develop applications. Innovation and concepts in any field adding mobile application development is under no circumstances going to slow down. World is moving towards electronic era and mobility is something which is increasing quicker than any other thing right now.


There is no doubt that mobile apps impact will keep on expanding in 2017 with apps covering more domains and business than ever. The trends for 2017 suggest that new technologies along with enthusiastic mobile app development companies will keep on pushing the boundaries of apps in days to come.

Mobile App Development Trends in 2018

Mobile App Development Trends in 2018
After a a success 2017, the cellular app enterprise is all set to take up and meet challenges in 2018. The cellular creation scenario is on the way to maturing and fitting more user- pleasant. It aims at integration of business necessities and technical issues.

Mobile Application Performance Manager

Experience inside the last year reveals that however the app market has performed well, there are less collection of apps downloads per user. Developers are now taking a look at apps that experience interaction and satisfy users and likewise encourage regular use of their apps. The aim is to make them technically sound and simultaneously increase the demand for use.

Blockchain technology

The sudden and meteoric rise in use of Bitcoins has fueled interest in cellular blockchain technology. Developers are capable of latch on to this interest. Their only concern would be to guardian the advantages of using the new technology to replace the outdated SQL database for individual apps.

Machine Learning

Apple's Core ML Library has introduced outfitted-in ML models. This affords developers a convenient way to include ML technology in iOS apps. in 2018 app developers are expected to leverage this virtue.


Chatbots were launched in 2016. They created messaging platforms using the bot to be used on websites. This year these bots are set to expand their domain to mobiles. Developers find it indisputable to take advantage of chatbots. They neither have to learn new interface nor do they wish to develop native apps that need regular updating.

Android Instant App

This new entrant is prone to develop into a favourite this year. It necessities no installation and is compatible with all OS. The possibility of embedding it in Google seek engines acts as added virtue.

Optimized Mobile Page

Google AMP makes web browsing on mobiles faster. Domains are using AMP to reach and have interaction more users. More and more apps are expected to convert to AMP to leverage virtue.

5G is on its way

5G is capable of supply speed. It will work up to sixty times faster than the existing 4G technology. This new network is to roll out slowly with the USA based principally service providers taking the lead.

Return of the Cloud

2018 will see cloud-based principally apps rise to a whopping 89%. Cloud storage is stable. It clears space on devices and doesn't eat into instrument reminiscence making it a well known storage for private and commercial use. Mobile Backend as a Service allows for data to move backward and forward from cloud to instrument effortlessly, conveniently and fast.

Wearables will proceed to grow this year. Security concerns will be portion of app creation as more and more transactions are performed using mobiles. Developers will be engaged in developing more and more on-demand apps as their usage increases and startups initiate to look at these as a technique of reaching customers. Virtual actuality and Augmented Reality apps will see an increase in demand and will drive the field of cellular app creation.